Hot Sexy Beautiful Tatyana from Moldova

Hot Sexy Beautiful Tatyana from Moldova I am kind, caring, tender, attentive, devoted, sociable reliable, punctual, responsible, hard-working, open, honest, romantic woman. I am very much family –oriented, like home and I adore children very much. That is why I decided to become a teacher. I have very profound sense of humor and my friends like me for this. ;) )) They say I can be very humorous and I have enough forces to take a laugh at myself even in the hardest times, that makes me stronger and I never surrender. Though I am quite strong with outer world, my soul is gentle and my heart longs for love, moreover, I have too much love and care to share. ;) )) Continue reading →

Hot Sexy Beautiful Juliya from Kirgizstan

juliya I have usual life but I don’t have a person with whom my life can be unusual and wonderful! I have a temper and I care passionately about issues and what I believe are rules and values that should not be tampered with. I do not keep these (or other) feelings to myself. I need to communicate. If my partner is as passionate a person as I am, things could get turbulent. However, an attractive contrast to my sometimes dogmatic attachment to rules and specifications of how something ought to be done, is my ability to back down if I think it is in the best interests of the relationship. This opens up the kind of personality types I can be with, because my willingness to step back and let someone else call the shots makes me a little more mellower than I would be otherwise. Still, it might be best to stay away from someone with as short a fuse as I sometimes have. I am averse to romantic impulsiveness, in part because I have high demands for the kind of person I will be with. Continue reading →
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